October 2021 @ Beit Juhuro

In October Beit Juhuro celebrated its Grand Opening with over 100 people in attendance. We also started our Gorsky Wednesday classes at the new location and listened to great classes by Rabbi Zitron.
To read the full article about the Grand Opening event click here.

During first Gorsky Wednesday meeting we put up mezuzot, learned about the 20th century Rabbi of Baku – Rabbi Sevgil Ruvinov, followed by a Torah class, and enjoyed delicious food and lechaims catered by the King Solomon restaurant.  We would like to thank Roma Yusufov, Fima Khananayev, and Moshe Sosunov for sponsoring the mezuzot! May their homes be filled with blessing and abundance!

Our second Gorsky Wednesday class was about the interesting life of Rabbi Yechiel ben Sevi Pessach of Quba, born in 1906. The class was generously sponsored by Alla Digilova and Madlena Melikova in memory of Ravkey ben Malahiye.

Rabbi Zitron gave two thought-provoking classes in October. The topics were “Gambling, addiction, Poker” and “Mind over Money”.

We wish everyone a great rest of the Fall!