November 2020 @ Beit Juhuro


In November we hosted amazing speakers, continued our Gorsky Wednesday series on the Book of Tehillim and meditated the Jewish way with Polina Purim Isakova.

During the Gorsky Wednesday classes we studied the Book of Tehillim- Psalms, covering Psalm 145, which is also knows as Ashrei.


Gorsky Wednesday classes this month were generously sponsored in memory of Rav Ashurov (Ravkoy ben Malah), Rashpil The ben Yangil Shamailov,  Rut bat Milko and Hagai ben Milko.

Mazal tov Bakhtiyar Nisimov on the birth and naming of his daughter, Simona Chava. Thank you for sponsoring Kiddush!

This month we had the honor of host Rabbi Aryeh Katzin, head  of RAJE, founder of Sinai academy, as well as, the newspaper ‘Evreisky Mir’ and Rabbi of the Netzach Israel Synagogue in Midwood. Rabbi Katzin spoke about the Psalm 27 and the importance of continuing whatever was started, like for example, our forefather Avraham, who started our religion and Itzhak, who continued in his footsteps.

Something we never did before at Beit Juhuro was meditate. Combining the meditation with a Zumba class, and lectures about peace of mind and the “letters” of meditation, Polina Purim Isakova conducted a very cool event series  for our ladies. These classes will continue to go on, so everybody who is interested is welcome to join!

Rabbi Zitron spoke about Hishtadlut (effort) and Emunah (faith). He discussed how much Hishtadlut one has to do and that we never loose out by listening to Hashem.

We would like to express our sincere condolences to our members: Rafael, Aaron, and Emmanuel on the loss of their grandfather- Rashpeal Shamailov. May the entire family be comforted with the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem!

We wish everyone a great December!

November 2019 @ Beit Juhuro

This November Beit Juhuro conducted quite a number of events that we will remember for long!

On November 3rd we went to play paintball together. Paintball is a shooting sport, payed in- or outdoors (we did it outdoors) in which the players need to shoot each other with paint capsules to get each other out. Sandwiches, snacks and drinks were served after the game. As you could imagine we had a great time! See some pictures below:


NEW at Beit Juhuro

On one of  this month’s Friday nights we celebrated the Oneg Shabbat together with special Shabbat snacks, lechaims, words of wisdom by our dear Rabbi Zitron, and of course, some great songs!

In fact, Oneg Shabbat is a halachic term for the physical enjoyment we experience on Shabbat (Oneg literally means pleasure or delight.)We will continue having an Oneg Shabbat at Beit Juhuro once a month and invite everyone to join us to share the joy of Shabbat!

Beit Juhuro thanks Yehuda Ashurov for organizing and sponsoring, as well as Yura and Gabi Ashurovs for co-sponsoring the initiative!

The topic of this month’s Gorsky Wednesday classes were the 10 commandments I and II, followed by delicious dinner.

At the last Gorsky Wednesday class of this month, Beit Juhuro served traditional Gorsky Shashliks and Kutabi, accompanied by some lechaims. This was sponsored by Vlad Zak in memory of his father Abraham Ben Zovolun, may his memory be  a blessing!

Горская среда: глава 20 (Итро)

Gorsky Wednesday, Shmot, Chapter Itro

Rabbi Zitron continued his “Moshiach” series at our Ladies First meetings, given very Thursday at BJX, 1601 Quentin Road. All ladies are invited to join! The links to the recorded classes are available below:

Mashiach Part 19: The 2 Mashiach’s- The Why, Where, When & How. Mashiach Ben Yosef & Ben David

Mashiach Part 20: Eliyahu Hanavi & The Death Of The Satan

Mashiach Part 21: How Will Life Be When Mashiach Comes- Israel, Nature, Animals, People…

We regret to inform you passing of Zoya Davidov and Bension Haimov. We express our condolences to the families! Baruch Dayan Ha Emet!

We wish everyone a good Winter!