Grand Opening event

“Unless Hashem builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.”
127:1 Tehillim

After seven years of success, running programs at three different locations, moving multiple times, searching for a permanent location, a mindblowing donation of $160,228.20, and eight months of renovations, we can finally say – we did it, the crazy dream has come true.

Beit Juhuro celebrated its Grand Opening on October 27, 2021, with over 100 people in attendance.

We had the honor to hear a speech from German Zakharyayev, head of the STEGMI who had supported us throughout our journey, as well as guest speakers and friends of Beit Juhuro- Rabbi Pesach Mirov- Rabbi of Baku Gorsky community, Rabbi Uri Nachum- Rabbi of  Midrash Ohel Moed – Sukkat Daveed, Rabbi Yehoshua Zitron- Beit Juhuro educator, Rabbi Asher Altschul – Rabbi of Congregation Beth Shalom of Kingsbay, Rabbi Avraham Moshe Binsky – Rabbi of Kehillas Moreshes Yaakov and Yechiel Mardakhayev – Juhuri language teacher (spoke in Juhuri).

Isay Ildatov, Co-founder and president of Beit Juhuro, told the story of our beginnings up to this day. “Big dreams start with small accomplishment”, he said when remembering how Beit Juhuro started with one Gorsky Wednesday class. Now there are Shiurim for men and women, teen and adult programs, history and language classes, Shabbatonim, trips, and various other events.

“People put their lifeforce into this [Beit Juhuro] to make people come”, Rabbi Zitron said. “They sacrificed their own personal lives, their jobs, and time with their families to build a community.” He strongly encouraged each member to come and participate in events and prayers to keep Beit Juhuro going.

“A synagogue is called Beit Knesset in Hebrew”, Rabbi Altshul mentioned in his speech. “A Beit is a house and a Knesset is a gathering. That is the main purpose of a synagogue, not just to pray, but to get together.” Beit Juhuro is a place where everyone is always welcome and makes getting together a pleasure.

Shortly afterwards a slideshow was played that showed captured moments of Beit Juhuro’s numerous programs, trips and events. Mordechai Shapiro‘s song Hachalom was playing in the background, perfectly describing Beit Juhuro.

,זו הבית ,הוא בית טוב זה הבית ונאמר אהלן ,שלום עליכם לכל מי שבא לכאן ,זה הבית ,הוא בית חם ,מגיעים אליו מכל קצוות עולם  ,זה הבית הוא בית אוהב ,וגם אם התרחקנו הוא נשאר. בתוך בתוך הלב ,זה המקום ,החלום ,זה חלום שהוא ישן וגם חדש

This is the house, a good house. […] This is the house where they say “Hello”, “Hello” to everyone who comes here. This is the house, a warm home. Reach it from all corners of the globe. This house is a loving home, and even if we moved away it stayed inside the heart. This is the place, the dream. It is a dream that is both old and new.

The slideshow was followed by lively Gorksy music, dancing, and, of course, traditional Gorsky food. The event was live-streamed on Facebook.

Beit Juhuro honored German Zakharyayev with an award for his significant contribution to the Gorsky-Kavkazi community of New York. Dr. Rafael Abramov, supporter and STMEGI representative in the U.S. accepted the award on behalf of Zakharyayev.

We would like to thank our many tireless volunteers, our supporters, and everyone who donated to make this dream come true. Please come, please feel at home and please bring your families and friends with you!