June 2019 @ Beit Juhuro

Summer has started at Beit Juhuro and we are busy as ever hosting two Leadership programs, celebrating the giving of the Torah, traveling, learning together and much more. Let’s see what happened in June:

On Shavuot, the holiday of the giving of the Torah, Beit Juhuro conducted a special all-night Shavuot Party. We learned together the whole night while enjoying delicious cheesecake among lots of other food. This event is generously sponsored by Hanna Z Adult Day Care & HSM Personal Care. Huge thanks to David Dima Azayev and his partner for sponsoring the holiday program 5th year in a row! G-d bless him and his partner and their business! They should continue prosper tremendously!

At the end of June our Leadership Fellowship group enjoyed an incredible trip to Azerbaijan, accompanied by Rabbi Ephraim and Rabbi Rav Ashi. They found long lost relatives, drank Chai in Baku, visited the Gorsky Jewish village Krasnaya Sloboda, stood by the burning mountain Yanardag, met the last Jew of Mudju Haftraran, and much more. The Leadership Fellowship program, concluding with the trip to Azerbaijan, was a lifechanging experience for all its participants.

 Gorsky Wednesday and other classes at Beit Juhuro continued even when Rabbi Ephraim and Izzy Ildatov were away. Thank you Albert Pinkhasov and Rabbi Meir Ilyaguev!

 A similar program, which Beit Juhuro recently hosted, was a Leadership project (realized in cooperation with BJX- Brooklyn Jewish Experience) for Gorsky-Kavkazi High School students. The teens hang out, listened to inspiring speeches of Rabbis and CEOs, ate pizza and just had a great time together! We really enjoyed meeting everyone and hope to see you soon at Beit Juhuro!

We are very glad to now be able to offer a Prayer Crash Course for anyone who is interested. In June we already discussed the prayer Shma Israel. We will continue in July with Tzitzit and Tefillin (plus a bonus class on how to make your own Tzitzit) every Thursday at 8 pm at Bney Yaakov, 630 Avenue S.

Gorsky Wednesdays sends regards from Moscow. 2 countries, 1 project, joined together to unite Gorsky Jews. Thank you Rabbi Ephraim and Rabbi Meir Ilyaguev for the interactive class, as well as Joseph Azaryev for sponsoring! 

 Here we are proudly respresenting Beit Juhuro at the Israeli Day Parade in NYC together with thousands of Israel lovers! Am Israel Chai!

We wish everyone a wonderful rest of the summer and can’t wait to see you at Beit Juhuro in July!