LAST DAY in the land of fire

LAST DAY in the land of fire

The last day we had the unique opportunity to visit the village Mudju Haftaran and its last Jew- the living momument of what Gorsky Jewish life used to be. In the 19th Centruy Jews started to settle Mudju Haftaran making it an etirely Jewish village. They spoke Tatzki (Gorsky Jewish language that orginated from the Iranian language). In the 1950s the Jews had started to leave the village and in the 70s they moved to into different parts of the world.  Their village remained until today.   

We had the tremdeous honor to meet Meir, the only Jew who didn’t leave. Below is a movie about the Gorsky Jewish life in Mudju Haftaran and Meir’s peronal story.

Here we took a picture in Shamakhi,  an ancient Azerbaijan city. Some went even more south and visited Vartashen (Oğuz ).

Our wonderful trip is coming to an end; we can’t believe it’s already time to return home!

Nervertheless, we are exited to go back to New York and see all of you again!