May 2020 @ Beit Juhuro


May at Beit Juhuro was full of uplifting events and classes.  We had the honor to invite Ari Schonbrun, a Wall Street executive and 9/11 survivor to speak to us, we hosted a tremendously inspiring event on Iyar 26 with guest speakers like council member Chaim Deutsch, Rabbi Reuven Haskin from Manhattan Beach and Cantor Yaakov Bar from Moscow, NYU Professor Dr. Faye Zakhaim and Rabbi Benjamin Goldschmidt of the Park East synagogue. We also started a new series in Gorsky Jewish history with Dr. Svetlana Danilova and much more.

Yaffa Ilyaguev lead a beautiful Challah baking event for our ladies, after the last one has been such a great success. Thank you, Yaffa! We hope to continue baking Challah together many more times in the future!

The virus can’t stop us from getting married! Whoever is looking to find their soulmate can now join ZoomMates, a program developed by Beit Juhuro to make dating continue just as it did before.

3 steps to join ZoomMates:

Step 1⃣: Fill out short form.

Step 2⃣: Get assigned to a zoom meeting, coordinated by a matchmaker.

Step 3⃣: Meet your soulmate!

(Ages 20s, 30s, 40s)

Dr. Svetlana Danilova, historian and native of the Gorsky Jewish City Nalchik started to give Gorsky Jewish history  classes for Beit Juhuro. Having a vast knowledge in this field combined with personal background, her classes are truly unique in their kind. The lessons are given every Wednesday on Zoom,  followed by a Torah class with Rabbi Ephraim. Both lessons are in Russian and are open for men and women.

Another project that Beit Juhuro conducted this month in conjunction with the Ohr HaMizrach synagogue was the Gorsky Shabbat project. It aimed to unite the Jews of our community and around the world in our Shabbat celebration. The merit of observing it should help end the ongoing virus and give us strength during these difficult times.

The Shabbat provides spiritual and physical strength to every Jew who keeps its beautiful traditions like lighting candles, making Kiddush and having a meal in honor of the Shabbat. Rav Moshe Sharchon Shlita, spiritual leader of the Gorsky Shul at 347 Ocean Parkway wrote a letter to the Gorsky Community regarding the Gorsky Shabbat Project 2020 and included a special blessing to all those who participate.

Here is a video of our members of all religious observance levels preparing for this special Mitzwa:


A historian, three Rabbis, a Deputy, a Cantor and an exceptional Jewish leader showed us on Iyar 26 how one tragic event can unite us throughout cultures and ages. Unbelievable stories were told, Tehillim and Male Rachamim were receited, and videos were shown, accompanied by the beautiful singing of Rabbi Cantor Yaakov Bar.

Watch the Zoom event below or read a summary on our Blog here.


While we weren’t able to celebrate Lag Baomer with fire, music, and shashliks, as we did last year, get together on Shavuot, we could still get inspired by Rabbi Ephraim’s pre-holiday classes.

Friends, we are raising funds to help the needy in our community, please donate according to your means! May Hashem bless all of us with strong health, much happiness, and good news!

Here are more great classes given this month at Beit Juhuro:



May 2019 @ Beit Juhuro

May at Beit Juhuro was full of meaningful events. One of them was the commemoration the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II, followed by candle lighting and saying Tehillim together. Another powerful moment was when our Beit Juhuro, Leadership Fellowship students Albert Israilov and Sabina Agamiyev, visited Yura Prizov, who miraculously survived the German occupation in the Caucasus and had the chance to conduct an interview with him. The interview and Yura Prizovs miraculous story can be found on our Facebook page.

On Lag Baomer, the Yorzeit of Shimon Bar Yochai, Beit Juhuro hosted almost 200 people for the celebration. Some of the high lights were the Kabbalistic canlde lighting ceremony, a big Barbecue, music, presents for our little ones and face painting. We are incredibly proud of our Leadership Fellowship participants who planned and realized the whole event, from wrapping presents to marinating and grilling meat till 3 o’clock in the morning. They truly proved themselves to be future Community leaders showing us the Leadership Fellowship program was a true success. Beit Juhuro can be confident that its future is in good hands. We thank Leo Abramov, Dayana Klein, Liza Mardakhaev, Yaangil Mikhaylov, Yafo Markhadhayeva, Andrey Kishiev, Ayzik Nasimov, Mazalyia Mardakhayeva, Yuri Ildatov and Eduard Aminov.

May Hashem bless everyone who is involved in community work with health, wisdom and prosperity!

Leadership Fellowship team

Lag Baomer Party 2019

Lag Baomer fun for the kids  

As part of our Leadership Fellowship program, young Gorsky professionals and college students experienced a truly uplifting Shabbaton this May. The particpants were able to connect to their Kavkazi heritage, experience the beautiful serenity of Shabbat, deepen the friendships with the people they met on the program and enjoy Shabbat meals with Gorsky-style food.

At one of our Gorksy Wednesdays we welcomed Rabbi Yaakov Bar, who is the Rabbi of the city of Lyubertsy, professional musician and conductor. Similar to our Gorsky Wednesday classes for men, Beit Juhuro is now hosting weekly Torah classes for young Gorsky women, ages 18 to 25, every Thursday at 1601 Quentin Road. We are looking foward to see you!

Йом ха-Ацмаут/Йом ха-Зикарон – Горская Среда

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