December 2021 @ Beit Juhuro

This December we hosted a Paint Night, celebrated a few Simchot, invited multiple guest speakers, and listened to great classes.

An especially fun event was the Paint Night, hosted in cooperation with RAJE and the Shtieble. Wine, cheese, delicious desserts, and sushi were served. 41 people attended. We thank everyone for coming and hope to conduct more of such events in the future.

During the Gorsky Wednesday classes, we studied the lives of Rabbi Dovid Davidov of Yevlakh and Rabbi Shomoil ben Hizgil from the village of Pyandzhi, as well as the topic of “Shovavim” –  controlling sexual energy within us. Delicious Gorsky food and sushi were served.

Mazal tov to Rabbi Ephraim and Yaffa Ilyaguev on the birth of their daughter Tiferet Hadassah. Thank you for sponsoring Kiddush on this happy occasion!

Mazal Tov to Yury Ildatov on the birth of his gradnson Ilai ben Gala.

We would like to thank Leah bat Rut for sponsoring Kiddush leilu nishmat Rakhil Bat Levgo, Sara and Asya in memory of Zahav bat Emil, Solomon Yakubov in memory of Shimtu ben Elazar, Vera Aronova in memory of Adoy Ben Shamrie, David Agaronov and his family, Izzy Ildatov in honor of his friend Denis Abayev.


Beit Juhuro had the honor to host two guest speakers this month: Rabbi Aron Avadyaev, and Rabbi Tamir Zalstman. It was a pleasure having you at Beit Juhuro!


This December Rabbi Zitron spoke about “Trust and Honor”, “Just do it- Laziness and Honor”, “Segulot For Gaining Wealth”, and “Segulot For Losing Money”. If you missed these great classes, the recordings are available below.

We wish everyone a great winter!