As a nation we depend on the youth of each generation to carry the torch of Gorsky Jewish continuity.

That is why we are willing to gift talented young people with a unique adventure to connect, explore, and experience their Gorsky Jewish identity and develop their own unique leadership potential.

About the Gorsky-Kavkazi Leadership Fellowship Program:

Attend weekly seminars where you will acquire leadership skills, hear from prominent speakers, expand your network and make new friends.

Discover your Gorsky-Kavkazi heritage and connect with your roots.
Earn a subsidized trip to Caucasus and/or Israel.

The goals of the Leadership Fellowship are:

  • A hands-on exploration of Gorsky-Jewish identity through an unforgettable trip to Kavkaz and Israel.
  • Enable participants to investigate the core spiritual and philosophical ideas, history and customs that make the Gorsky-Kavkazi people unique.
  • Develop a proper perspective on what it takes to be a responsible Gorsky-Kavkazi Jewish leader.
  • Network with leaders and exceptional peers in the Jewish world. Hear their stories, and integrate their ideas and teachings into your leader.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be eligible for a SUBSIDIZED* trip to Israel or Kavkaz.

Location: Beit Juhuro
630 Ave S, Brooklyn NY 11223

Spots are limited! Registration is now open for the program.
Registration will close on December 20.