Sukkot Party- Plof Party

Sukkot is the festival of happiness, guest, huts and the 4 species. Beit Juhuro’s Sukkot party 2019 had all of that- plus traditional Gorksy plof.

The Party started with a delicious feast indoors since it was raining outside.The cold weather didn’t bother us too much though because we celebrated together with many wonderful people, sang, danced, drank lechaims and just enjoyed the great atmosphere. After a few toasts were given, it stopped raining and the party was continued in our beautifully decorated Beit Juhuro Sukkah.

We learned that the festival Sukkot has two names: Chag HaSukkot, translated to “Festival of  Booths” and Chag HaAsif, translated to “Festival of Ingathering (of crops)”. The Sukkot (huts) remind us of Hashem’s clouds of glory that protected our forefathers in the desert (or according to some opinions, the huts our    forefathers lived in). The harvest time is a great opportunity for expressing appreciation for the bounty we enjoy.

One of the most important Mitzwot on Sukkot is to be happy. This year’s Sukkot party definitely helped us fulfill it! We thank everyone who joined us and are already looking forward for next year’s Sukkot!