Our trip continues DAY 3 & 4



This is Yanar Dag — meaning “burning mountainside”, or also called “eternal flame” is a hill with natural gas burning on its slope from ancient times, located 25 km to the north from Baku, in Mehemmedi village. Tall flames dance restlessly across a 10-meter stretch of hillside, making a hot day even hotter.

Then we continued to our next trip destination- the Gobustan State Reserve, located west of the settlement of Gobustan, about 40 miles southwest of the centre of Baku. It was established in 1966 when the region was declared as a national historical landmark of Azerbaijan in an attempt to preserve the ancient carvings, mud volcanoes and gas-stones in the region.

Gobustan State Reserve is very rich in archeological monuments, the reserve has more than 6,000 rock carvings, which show primitive people, camel caravans, pictures of sun and stars and many more on the average dating back to 5,000-20,000 years. The Gobustan State Reserve is UNESCO World Heritage.

Having some fun on the way 😀

Putting on Tefillin with Rabbi Ephraim

Friday we visited the Jewish school in Baku and took a picture with the little sunshines.

 Then we visited the Jewish Cemetery in Baku. Many found relatives who are buried there.

Afterwards, we explored the famous Baku boulevard and the “targovaya” st.  and drank chai from a samovar at Chai Hanna. What can be better after a busy day?

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