October 2020 @ Beit Juhuro

It’s Fall at Beit Juhuro and we are super exited to tell you about last month’s news, as well as the coming events.

In October we welcomed the famous radio host Robert Azaryev (show “По Горным дорогам”- “On mountain roads”) and started a new series on Sefer Tehilim (Book of Psalms) during our Gorsky Wednesday classes. Shashliks and other refreshments were served. Thank you Ashir Ashurov for sponsoring for success at our new location! May you and your family see much blessing in your lives!

So far we covered Psalm 67, which looks like it has the shape of a Menorah, and Psalm 100, the Psalm of gratitude. See the recordings below. This series is, bezat Hashem, going to go on and move forward in order of the Siddur.

After 6 months of online classes, the girls class could finally meet in person again (we aren’t sure though what will happen going forward). Rabbi Zitron gave two amazing classes for them. He spoke about Emunah in dating and marriage and not going to sleep with problems. Find the recordings below.

With Hashem’s help we continued our Shabbat morning services and Kiddush and are incredibly proud of so many people attending!

Mazal tov to Sevi and Erica Erica Avishalom and Chaim and Irina Shumeyko on the birth of their baby daughters! May they be healthy and righteous till 120! Thank you and blessings to both families for sponsoring Kiddush on two separate occasions!

A few words from Rabbi Ephraim:

“Dear friends! Its been more than a month since we opened the doors of Beit Juhuro at our new location! I would like to thank and bless each person that contributed money or his/her time, those that came to help set up or participated in prayers and made Minyan possible on so many occasions. Hashem should bless you with strong health, much abundance, and wisdom of Torah! Amen.”

Live music, Le’ Chaims and great food at our Sukkot Plov party 2020. We thank  everyone who joined and hope to have many more of such events in the future!

Watch the video below: