March & April 2021 @ Beit Juhuro


With spring there come new beginnings. We celebrated Pessach, the leaving of Egypt, started counting the 50 days of the Omer, and soon going to celebrate Shavuot, the holiday of receiving the Torah and becoming a Jewish nation.

There have been many new beginnings at Beit Juhuro too. We sometimes feel like we have also traveled through the desert, constantly moving our “Mishkan” wherever Hashem would send us until we eventually found a permanent place at 2320 Avenue U.

After weeks of waiting for permits, finding an appropriate contractor, and planning the layout and design of the space we finally started the construction process. With the opening of Beit Juhuro at the new location, we hope to open our doors to the new people, celebrate holidays together, learn about our traditions, pray, and grow together as one united community. Beit Juhuro has been working hard for six years to serve its members and to keep traditions and values strong, all without having its own permanent space. Let’s turn this new place into a beautiful center and write the next chapter of our community together! Every donation counts, regardless of the amount. Just like when the Bnei Israel brought to Moshe whatever they could to help build the Mishkan, so can we. It’s not about the amount, it’s about giving according to one’s ability.

Follow this link to make a donation now:…/btjr…/teams/beitjuhurosocial

Demolition phase

About 3 weeks later the HVAC, electric, floors, panels and the sheetrock  are all done.

Rendering of what we are planning to accomplish:

We had the pleasure to listen to some exceptional classes from “The Secret of the Plagues” series by Rabbi Zitron, given before Chag Pessach. The topics were wild animals and pestilence. You can find the recordings below.

With the deepest sorrow, we announce the passing of our dear community members Yasha Izrailov, father of Dr. Aleksandr Izrailo and Efraim Fuad Ben Nissim Razilov. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the families. May their Neshamot have an Aliyah!