March 2020 @ Beit Juhuro


While Adar is the month of happiness and laughter,  Nissan is the month of redemption (not only from Egypt but also from our self created inner Egypts). During such a positive and spiritual hight of the year, Hashem has striken us with a virus that changed everyone’s lives to complete uncertainty and total dependance on Him, just like we experienced during the time of the Exodus.

We went from a joyous Purim celebration at Bay Cafe to total isolation in our homes, but we are still trying to preserve the happiness of Adar, while waiting for our redemption.

Here are a few captured memories from our Purim Megilla reading:

Even if Beit Juhuro’s doors are officially closed, we are no less active than we have been before. Thanks to many great speakers we are able to continue learning together, growing and staying positive during these trying times!

On Rosh Chodesh (the new month) Nissan we recited the Hallel together with 2 outstanding hazanim, Hillel Zaltman and Elli Halabi, and experienced a beautiful Sephardic Havdalla in conjunction with Yeshiva University’s Sephardic club.

Rabbi Zitron gave classes about current topics like “Times of Mashiah and Coronavirus” and “Living Emunah” for the ladies, while Gabriel Shagabaev learned advanced Germara with the men. We had classes about the laws of Lashon Hara, Shabbat and Pessach, as well as lectures for the Leadership fellowship participants with new amazing guest speakers.

Rabbi Ephraim would like to express a special thank you to everyone who voted for him during the Zionist Congress elections. He is deeply touched by the loyalty and support of his Community’s members. With Hashem’s help we will soon see the fruits of our efforts and expereince major improvements in Beit Juhuro’s programing and growth!

We are praying and wishing to be able to open Beit Juhuro very soon and finally see everyone in person again! May Mashiach bring the Final Redemption!