June 2020 @ Beit Juhuro

Summer has started at Beit Juhuro and we are very busy learning and growing together through outstanding classes, as well as doing chessed for the ones in need in our Community. Let’s see what happened in June:


This May we started a new weekly Parasha initiative. Every week we post a dvar Torah  video about the Parasha of the week on our Beit Juhuro Facebook page  and on our YouTube Channel, together with a text summary in both English and Russian. We have the honor to host many different Rabbis around the world for this beautiful project, even featuring a class in Juhuri language for the first time ever on our channel. Thank you Rabbi Ifraim Yakubov from Moscow!

Another incredible highlight of each week, is Mrs Svetlana Danilova’s, PhD, weekly lecture on the history of the Gorsky Jews. We had the pleasure to listen to three of them so far, one on the topic “Gorsky Jews during WWII and holocaust in Kavkaz”, one on “Pyatigorsk, NY and why did we leave Kavkaz?” and one on “Derbent, Grozny and Nalchik”.  We were lead on a journey to the spiritual centers of the Mountain Jews, Derbend, Grozny and Nalchik,  found out about the fates of Gorsky Jewish Communities during WWII and followed the Communities through Pyatigorsk to modern-day New York. If you missed the live classes, there are recordings available on our Facebook page and on YouTube.

This month our volunteers delivered food packages and distributed funds to families that needed assistance. We would like to thank everyone who helped out with this important mission! May you and all who donated to the campaign for the needy enjoy many blessings!

Rabbi Zitron addressed the intriguing topics: “Divine provenance vs someone else’s free will” , ”Emunah: every thing’s for the best, what about the bad?”,  “Emunah: You don’t know the full story”, and “When you are negligent, is it your fault or Hashem’s plan?” during in his classes for our ladies.