July 2020 @ Beit Juhuro

While we are slowly approaching the last month of the summer (time flies!), we would like to look back at all the things that took place at Beit Juhuro in July.

We continued our fascinating talks with PhD, Svetlana Danilova, on the history of Gorsky Jews, covering the topics: “Pyatigorsk, NY and why did we leave Kavkaz?” and ” Kavkaz Jews in Israel”. Since there are only a few experts on Gorsky Jewish history, it is even more of an honor to have Mrs Danilova share her vast knowledge with us! The talks are usually followed Rabbi Ilyaguev’s Torah classes. This month we spoke about the 4th of July, the concept of freedom and the 17 of Tamuz – the song of Asaf and some related Halachot.

Mazal tov to Rabbi Zitron on the birth of his daughter Ahuva Sara! May she be healthy and bring a lot of light to the world!

Since a few families in our community expressed their strong desire to relocate to NJ, we hosted a discussion to discover possible locations and brainstorm on the prospect of moving our Gorsky community outside of NYC. So far, it doesn’t look like there will be a mass migration. We are always looking out for the needs of our people, whether they want to live in NYC or elsewhere and will include them in any relevant decisions that have to be made at Beit Juhuro.

During the Gorsky Wednesday sessions our men learned talmudic stories of the destruction of the temple and studied the laws and customs of the 9 days. Rabbi Ilyaguev prepared us for the fast of Suruni on Tisha Be Av, as well as all the related Halachot. Rabbi Zitron spoke about the purpose of suffering and the Segulot that help prevent it. Another highlight of the month was the conversation with our three very special speakers Gabriel Shagabaev, Ariel Elizarov, Vice President of the Avenue C Shul and Svetlana Danilova.

You can find the recordings of their classes below.

We wish everyone a good rest of the summer!

July 2019 @ Beit Juhuro

While approaching the last month of the summer and already almost getting ready for the awesome months Av and Elul, we would like to look back at the amazing things that took place at Beit Juhuro in July.

It was great to have such a strong attendance our Gorsky Wednesday (where we welcomed the special guest speaker Rabbi Uri Nahum) and the new Prayer Crash Course series. In the Prayer Crash Course we discussed the Shema Israel prayer, donning of Tzitzit & Tefillin and the main Jewish prayer- the Amida. Thank you Rabbi Ephraim for the exiting classes!

Gorsky Wednesday classes in July:

Prayer Crash Course classes:

Morning Routine

Tzitzit & Tefillin

Structure of Prayer

Rabbi Rav Ashi Adinyaguev adressed a fascinating topic: “Influnce of Kabbalah on the development of the Jewish Law” and our ladies also enjoyed an inspring class by Rabbi Zitron, who succesfully combining the topics resurrection of the dead and clothing. The class was followed by dinner.

The July dinners and classes were sponsored by: Nachum Shamilov, Albert Pinhasov, David Shalumov, Daniel Danilov, Steven Abramov, Adam Isaev and Kehilat Bney Yaakov. We would like to thank everyone who contributed toward the utilities bill! May Hashem bless you tenfold and bring a lot of spiritual light into your lives!

It’s great summer weather, the kids are off from school- a perfect time to get together, barbecue and play soccer in the park. Thank you all for joining!!!

Mazal tov to Rabbi and Rabbanit Farhi on the birth and brit mila of their grandson!

We espress our condolences to the Ildatov family on the passing of their matriach: Galina (Gegey) Ildatov. Tenahamu Min HaShamaim!


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CLASS by Rabbi Ronen Shaulov-

September 9th at 8:00 p.m.

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