January 2021 @ Beit Juhuro

In January we started our Teen Winter Program, celebrated Tu Be Shvat, began our renovation process, and listened to inspiring classes by outstanding speakers.


“As we evolve, our homes should too”
– Suzanne Tucker

We are super excited to announce that we one step further toward our goal of building a beautiful new home for our community. We will be breaking down the small rooms in the building to create one big open space, clean up, and then start renovating.

Beit Juhuro joined forces with the Sephardic Torah Center and conducted an in-person class with Rabbi Abud, Rabbi of the Sephardic Torah Center. The class was followed by a delicious dinner, which was generously sponsored by Rachmiel Abramov in memory of his father Shmuel ben Tzipora. We thank everyone for participating and hope to have more joined events with our friends at the Sephardic Torah Center in the future!

Our Teen Winter Program, hosted in cooperation with RAJE, has officially launched. The teens will be attending six weekly classes with amazing speakers and will be rewarded with a free ski trip and a shabbaton at a hotel. This program is going to be one of our major milestones. The first class was attended by over 30 teens. We thank you all for joining!

This month we learned about the “G-d of nature”- Psalm 147 during the Gorsky Wednesday classes and dived deeper into Kavkazi Jewish history. Dinner was served. One class was dedicated to the full and speedy recovery of Olya (Ogor) bat Lidia- Яель and all the sick ones of Am Israel and another one was sponsored anonymously. May Hashem bless the donors with a long and beautiful life!

Rabbi Zitron surprises us with new thought-provoking topics each month. In January his topics were “If you don’t trust in Hashem, will you lose His guarantee?” and “Emunah in spirituality”. Our ladies really enjoyed the classes. Thank you, Rabbi Zitron! The recordings can be found below.

Kiddush this month has been generously dedicated by Ashir Ashurov in memory of his grandmother Galya-Devlet bat Azario Галя-Девлет бат Азарьё. May her neshama have an aliya!

In January, we celebrated Tu Be Shvat, the ‘New Year of the Trees’. It marks the start of a new fruit-bearing cycle of the trees in the Land of Israel and reminds us of the bounty we have. “Man is a tree of the field.”, the Torah says. Just like trees, we have deep roots, going back to Abraham and Sarah. We also have the potential to rise high, while standing firmly on the ground, and we too, produce fruits, which are our good deeds.

In honor of Tu Be Shvat we hosted very special class on “Setting goals through the prism of Torah sources”.

January 2020 @ Beit Juhuro

2020 started with the new semester of the STMEGI , RAJE and Beit Juhuro Leadership Fellowship program which we have greatly anticipated for.

In the course of the next 17 weeks the students will learn about their Jewish, and Gorsky heritage. They will also acquire hands on tools for impacting the community and becoming true leaders.

Rabbi Zitron was the first guest speaker this semester.


We are now starting a short series on the history of Mountain Jews (in addition to studying the Chumash) during the Gorsky Wednesday meetings.

The first Gorsky Wednesday was generously sponsored by Dina Nurilova in memory of her father Mordechai ben Yechiel.


Gorsky Wednesday- Mishpatim part 2

Gorsky Wednesday- Mishpatim part 3

Gorsky Wednesday- Mishpatim part 4

Our special thanks go to Alexander Krym and Yehuda Ashurov for organizing this month’s Oneg Shabbat program with words of Torah, songs and refreshments! The Oneg Shabbats became a real Highlight of each month.

We regret to inform you about the passing of Yaffa Izrailov,
mother of our dear member Dr. Alexander Izrailov, as well as, the grandmother of our dear friend Ariel Razilov, Zoya Razilova.

We are incredibly  proud of Polina Purim Isakova who gave her first class ever at our Ladies First. We wish her tremendous growth and looking forward to hearing many more Shiurim!

On January 22, during one of the Ladies First meetings, Rabbi Yitzhak Fingerer (BJX) gave a thought provoking class on the topic “Your Weakness May Be Your Greatest Strength”, followed by delicious dinner. We spent a great evening together and are already looking forward to the next meeting. 

Please pray for one of our members, a young man in his 30s who was in comma and needs our prayers now!

His name is Shamil Shmuel Haim ben Ella.

Шамиль Шмуэль Хаим бен Елла

To all Beit Juhuro Members:

Thank you for your involvement! We appreciate all your help and participation towards the fundraiser. It is an exciting and truly historic time in the Gorsky Community of NY! As you know Beit Juhuro has been on a mission to open a Gorsky Kavkazi Synagogue in South Brooklyn. With Your Help we believe it will soon become possible.
On February 20th we will be hosting our Town Hall Meeting where everyone will have a chance to get updated on the process and express his or her thoughts.
We would love to see you!

Date: 02/20/2020
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Address: South Brooklyn

Please sign up for the meeting to receive the address!