January 2019 @ Beit Juhuro

What a beginning of 2019! Beit Juhuro – RAJE fellowship continues to inspire and educate next generation of Gorsky leaders. During the month of January we were lucky to hear from some of the best speakers: Ricky Cohen, Dr. Chen Bram, and Manashe Khaimov. Ricky is well known Jewish-Syrian entrepreneur, author of many books, motivational speaker, and Jewish educator. He brings wisdom and years of life experience and his words are deep and insightful

Watch Ricky’s class here:

Professor Chen Bram of Hebrew University is world known anthropologist that specializes on Gorsky-Kavkazi Jews. He facilitated a very meaningful discussion on “what it means to be a Gorsky Jew in today’s day and age.”

Manashe Khaimov is one of the most active and influential leaders in Bukharian Jewish community. He shared his experience on what it means to be a Jewish professional and how our young men and women can enter this field. We truly hope that some of the fellows will follow in his footsteps and will replicate Manashe’s model in Gorsky community.

We also had our first fellowship Shabbaton. An experience filled with magical energy, a sense of family reunion, and packed with meaningful classes. The delicious meals and tasty desserts filled the tables, while fellows socialized, played board games, and listened to words of Torah. Between Friday night and Shabbat day programming, more than 60 unique people participated in the Shabbaton experience. One of the students pointed out in a joking manner,: “I probably spent more time in the synagogue this Shabbat than I usually spend on Yom Kippur.” Friday night, Rabbi Katzin shared his story of confronting the Soviet government when he was a Jewish teenager growing up in Moscow. Rabbi Zitron explored the topic of Shabbat and what it takes to be a good person.

Another special occasion was the Brooklyn Blood Drive, that occurred on January 13th. It was organized with the help of Gift of Life, ABA – Alliance of Bukharian Americans, and Maimonides Medical Center. Every participant was provided with warm and delicious refreshments. We were surprised by the amount of people that devoted their precious time for individuals in need. We want to express our appreciation to Aaron and Roza Shamailov for running this special event.



On January 16th, Rabbi Gavriel Davidov lead the Gorsky Wednesday class. The theme was: The History of the Siddur of Gorsky Jews. He introduced and explained the Siddur’s value. The class was very interesting and educational. Rabbi Davidov taught about how the Gorsky Siddur was compiled and recently republished. He discussed its use throughout history until today.

Finally, Beit Juhuro launched “Philosophy of success and self-development” course that will span over 10 weeks on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. these life-changing series are meant to provide participants with tools to achieve great results in their financial, physical, spiritual, and interpersonal life spheres. Topics include: goal setting, wealth accumulation and investing, increasing self-confidence, and creating your brand. All seminars conducted so far can be viewed here:

All our programs are possible thanks to Kehilat Bney Yaakov and Rabbi Farhi.

Rabbi Ephraim Ilyaguev

Chumash- Gorsky Wednesday – Bo

                 Rabbi Yehoshua Zitron

               True Prayer VS Idolatry

Prophecy And Prophetic Powers

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