February 2019 @ Beit Juhuro

It has been a truly fabulous February at Beit Juhuro!

This February Beit Juhuro successfully conducted four Fellowship Leadership sessions. Our speakers were: Ricky Cohen, Vitaliy Ruvinov, Rabbi Reuven Ibragimov, and Rabbi RavAshi Adinaguyev. The month of February corresponds with a Jewish month of Adar, which is known for its happiness. The speakers we were able to host, greatly contributed and increased our joy.

Fellowship Leadership program is changing the face of our community, generates tremendous energy and has managed to attract young Gorsky men and women who are not going on the trip never the less want to be part of this movement.


Gorsky-Kavkazi leadership fellowship is a joint project of Beit Juhuro and RAJE Olami. Over the course of 20 weeks young Gorsky Jews of New York re-discover their roots and heritage of their ancestors in a new light. Fellows will also execute life changing community projects and attend 2 Shabbatons. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will travel to Kavkaz and Israel. to learn more about Beit Juhuro educational center go to beitjuhuro.com or check out our FB page

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Watch the Leadership Fellowship class here:


In February we had a spectacular Ladies Event accompanied by our guest speaker Rabbi Alex Artovsky who is a well-known respectful Russian speaker and teacher. Artovsky spent 18 years in Israel on bringing back Jewish people to their traditions. Rabbi Artovsky shared the power and importance of reading the book of prayers -Tehilim with us in his Torah class.
The event started off with Rabbi Ephraim Ilyaguev’s introductory speech and was then followed by an inspiring group prayer.
The event wouldn’t be possible if not for our ladies who helped us with organizing and creating a warm and spiritual atmosphere.

Likewise, the Gorsky men also didn’t miss out on the special opportunity to get inspired by Rabbi Artovsky at the Gosky Wednesday Torah Learning. In this class we grasped Kings Salomon’s and David’s view on career and business, money and competition, friends and enemies, and all other aspects that modern man faces on a daily basis.

Gorsky Wednesday with Rabbi Alex Artovsky


With G-d’s help we have ten victorious “Philosophy of success and self-development” classes. The course is about improving your lives and achieving desired goals, and turning dreams into reality. Topics include: goal setting, wealth accumulation and investing, increasing self-confidence, and creating your brand.

Rabbi Ephraim Ilyaguev                                                                   Chumush- Gorsky Wednesday – Beshalach

Rabbi Yehoshua Zitron

The Power of Music


Foundation of Faith

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