February 2021 @ Beit Juhuro

February at Beit Juhuro was phenomenal. We went on a ski trip and a shabbaton with over 70 people, threw a very lively Purim Party, listened to Megillah readings, and enjoyed a few excellent classes on controversial topics.

In the month of Adar, Jews celebrate Purim. Purim is a very happy holiday that commemorates the entire Jewish nation being saved from annihilation during the time of the Persian exile.

Our Purim party was  a lot of fun! We listened to the Megillah, played games, danced, enjoyed good drinks and delicious Gorsky food, laughed, and just had a great time together. Thanks everyone for attending! May the joy of Purim continue throughout the whole year!

We are so happy to see what a major success the Winter Fellowship seminars have been this year!
The students successfully completed the weekly lectures and were rewarded with a free ski trip and a shabbaton at a hotel in the beautiful Monticello, upstate New York.

The Winter Fellowship program is a RAJE and Beit Juhuro organized program, supported by STMEGI and Mr. German Zakharyayev. It is uniquely designed for Gorsky-Kavkazi Jewish teens, College students and young professionals between the ages of 15 and 35, enabling them to explore their Gorsky-Jewish identity, learn about the foundations of Judaism and develop their own unique leadership potential. This year we ran two parallel programs separated by ages.
On the trip we listened to inspiring classes on topics like “The power of the Jewish man” and “The power of the Jewish women”, participated in debates, played interactive games, did a meditation, had a dress-up ball, enjoyed delicious Shabbat meals and uplifting prayers, and went skiing at the idyllic ski resort.

Rabbi Zitron gave two great classes at Beit Juhuro this month. The topics were “What causes one to lose Emunah?” and “Conspiracies: Vaccine, 5G, Covid, Qanon, New World Order, Fake News”.

We wish everyone a good month of Nissan and an easy time preparing for Pessach!