February 2020 @ Beit Juhuro

To the Beit Juhuro Community,
We hope that this note finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. Since COVID-19 has expanded in New York, as well, Beit Juhuro is taking all precautionary measures to insure the health and safety of its members. Therefore, the Tuesday leadership classes will be given online. While we aren’t sure yet about the Gorsky Wednesday and Ladies First classes (most likely they will also be online as well), we will keep you updated.

This February there have been a lot of news and changes at Beit Juhuro, as well as great new events and projects.

On February 20, Beit Juhuro conducted a Town Hall Meeting concerning the new Gorsky Synangoge.

We discussed possible locations, the fundraising results, the current budget, expenses and sources of income, future plans and goals. Transparency and the participation of our members in all major decisions are very important to us!

We are very happy to see what a major success the Leadership Fellowship program is this year as well! The students are already up to their 8th session and are having a great time together!

Leadership Fellowship is a RAJE, Beit Juhuro and STMEGI organized, elite program, uniquely designed for Gorsky-Kavkazi Jewish students and young professionals between the ages of 18 and 30 enabling them to explore and experience their Gorsky Jewish identity and develop their own unique leadership potential.

After 20 weekly sessions that will continue until August 2020, after which the graduates will be rewarded with free trip to the Kavkaz.

The students are currently working on a community project, studying in groups with mentors, and enjoying top notch lectures!

We had the honor to invite three outstanding speakers during the past sessions:

Rabbi Moshe Sharhon, who has been teaching in Gorsky shul for years and is very familiar with our traditions encouraged our leadership students to stick to the Kavkazi customs and not dissolve in the bigger Sephardic community, Rabbi G, who took us on a fascinating exploration of our Jewish roots and Rabbi Ruven Ibragimov, who helped us understand what it takes to achieve our true calling and develop our potential to the full extent.


Another memorable and extremely important event was the safety and security lecture by security expert Ross Den, who attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice, worked as a Police Cadet at NYPD and served in the IDF. He spoke about how to avoid dangerous people and how to identify red flags in potential attack.

With Purim is quickly approaching, Rabbi Zitron gave a class with the topic “Purim- The Secret of dressing up” for our ladies during the Ladies First meetings. Everyone greatly enjoyed! Thank you, Rabbi! The link is below.

The famous Russian-speaking lecturer on Judaism and Kabbalah, Rabbi Bentsion Laskin, hosted an inspiring event for ladies during which he gave class with the topic “Money & Kabbalah
How to increase your well-being?”. Afterwards, Tehilim were recited together and a general prayer followed. Sushi and other delicious refreshments were served. Ladies, you should know that your prayers are the cause for many blessings we experience as individuals, as well as as a Community!

We are looking forward to see you in next month! Have a happy holiday of Purim everyone!