December 2020 @ Beit Juhuro

2020 has been a tough year for all of us, there have been many changes at Beit Juhuro, many ups and downs, and a lot to think back to. We captured the memories in this little video:


After spending a few months searching for space and having something temporary for the holidays, we finally have a permanent home for Beit Juhuro. It needs to be remodeled and renovated but is already partially functional.
We are incredibly thankful to everyone who donated money and time to reach this goal. May Hashem bless you and your families and grant Beit Juhuro the utmost success at the new place!

During the Gorsky Wednesday classes, we took a look at the time period from creation to the story of Yosef and explored the life and works of Rabbi Yaakov Itzhaki, chief Rabbi of Derbent. It was an honor to host RavAshi Adinaguev as a guest speaker.

We also started a new series on the history of Kavkazi Jews and continued learning about Tehillim. Delicious dinner was served.
The classes were dedicated in memory of Hagai Ben Yonatan, Sasha Safron, Rut bat Milko, Hagai ben Milko and Dora bat Avnir Tashaeva.

Rabbi Zitron gave a few amazing classes on “Chanukkah, a hug from Hashem” and “What level of Emunah are you on?”. The recordings can be found below.


We have started a new winter program that is made up of eight weekly classes on topics like finding one’s meaning in life, financial independence, and more. The program is going to culminate in a free ski trip and a shabbaton in a hotel.


We wish everyone a healthy year full of success, growth and happiness!