Great news! Beit Juhuro moved to a new location – 1115 Ave U.

We were lucky to have been able to spend the last Shabbat of the year at the new location thanks to the many generous donations, incredible volunteers and our dedicated staff! Helping to open up a synagogue and a house of study is such a great way to prepare for the day of judgement! You are amazing!

1115 Ave U is going to be our temporary home for the next couple months while we are finalizing the permanent location.
Most of the items that will be donated during our campaign will be moved to the permanent location. We still need a Bimah, prayer books for Yom kippur and Sukkot, Talits, a Sukkah, light fixtures and decorations and financing of our Sukkot meals. We will be happy about any kind of donation.
Please call Izzy 917-3654185 or Rabbi Ephraim 917-2430516 for dedications.
May Hashem bless you and your families and answer your prayers during the upcoming days of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur!

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