August 2019 @ Beit Juhuro

In August we welcomed the Chief Rabbi of Lithuania, Rabbi Kalev Krelin, hiked at beautiful mountains, spend a Shabbaton together at Beit Juhuro and continued learning about Jewish prayer. We covered the Kadish, Barechu, Kedusha  and concluded our Prayer Crash Course series with the prayers said on the holidays, Hallel, Musaf the special insertions. The final program was generously sponsored by Lenny and Vera Royf in memory of Abei ben Binyomin, Mazantu bat Sevi, Rivka Ruhel bat Binyomin and Yehudis bat Shlomo. 


 Rabbi Kalev Krelin gave a class on the fascinating topic “Archaeology and Torah”, followed by Gorsky dinner which has been generously sponsored by Yuri Ildatov in memory of his mother Galina (Gegei) Ildatov. 

Praise the Lord from the earth…The mountains and all the hills, fruit trees and all cedars. (Tehilim 148)

On August 25th we had had the pleasure to hike with amazing people at Minnewaska State Park. It’s great to get out of the city and experience God’s nature, breath fresh air and unite as a community!

Gorskys find Mountains even in America LOL.

It was a great pleasure to see everyone at the August Shabbaton! We prayed together, met new people, ate Gorsky-style food, played board games and just enjoyed the unique atmosphere one is only able to experience on Shabbat.

We wish everyone a good and meaningful Elul!