February 2019 @ Beit Juhuro

It has been a truly fabulous February at Beit Juhuro! This February Beit Juhuro successfully conducted four Fellowship Leadership sessions. Our speakers were: Ricky Cohen, Vitaliy Ruvinov, Rabbi Reuven Ibragimov, and Rabbi RavAshi Adinaguyev. The month of February corresponds with a Jewish month of Adar, which is known for its happiness. The speakers we were able to host, greatly contributed and increased our joy. Fellowship Leadership program is changing the face of our community, generates tremendous energy and has managed to attract young Gorsky men and women who are not going on the trip never the less...

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January 2019 @ Beit Juhuro

What a beginning of 2019! Beit Juhuro – RAJE fellowship continues to inspire and educate next generation of Gorsky leaders. During the month of January we were lucky to hear from some of the best speakers: Ricky Cohen, Dr. Chen Bram, and Manashe Khaimov. Ricky is well known Jewish-Syrian entrepreneur, author of many books, motivational speaker, and Jewish educator. He brings wisdom and years of life experience and his words are deep and insightful Watch Ricky’s class here: Professor Chen Bram of Hebrew University is world known anthropologist that specializes on Gorsky-Kavkazi Jews. He facilitated...

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